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Full-stack JavaScript Engineer


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Headquarters: None
URL: https://www.modulz.app

We're looking for a very experienced, full-stack JavaScript engineer to help us build the next generation of design and development tools.

Primary duties:

  • Architect and develop and enterprise-grade auth system.
  • Own database and asset security rules, data audits and customer data security.
  • Develop offline mode in our PWA.
  • Architect and develop cloud functions in support of Modulz features like image processing and code generation.
  • Develop detailed privacy and sharing settings in Modulz.
  • Setup and maintain payment and subscription systems.
  • Own data backup and recovery plans.

Secondary duties:

  • Work on core Modulz features in React and TypeScript.
  • Integrate services like NPM, Github and Netlify.
  • Perform data transformations and migrations to existing data.
  • Maintain analytics integrations.
  • Build E2E testing specs and tests.

The offer:

  • $90k-$110k USD salary.
  • .5%-1% stock options.
  • 30 days paid time off.
  • Work remotely from anywhere in the world. Choose your own hours.
  • Health and dental coverage. We pay 75% of your premium.
  • $200 USD monthly stipend for hot-desking, travel, hipster coffee or fancypants headphones.
  • $50 USD monthly stipend for gym, yoga, health apps, therapy or whatever you need to stay healthy.
  • One free ticket to a conference of your choice, annually.
  • $1k USD upfront to help you kit out your home office or workstation.
  • Unlimited free books.

The offer:

  1. Apply via the Typeform link on our website.
  2. Round two will be a 45-min React exercise and a 30-min architecture exercise.
  3. There will be 3 video calls with our team members so we can get to know each other.
  4. The offer!

All applicants will receive an initial response within 7 days of applying.

Thanks :)

To apply: https://www.modulz.app/careers/systems-engineer/