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Sr Shopify Developer

Addison Group


  • B.S. in Computer Science or equivalent industry qualification

  • At least eight years’ experience developing and testing software applications

  • Ecommerce platforms as in Shopify/Contentful/Gatsby.js/React/GraphQL 

  • Strong web development skills, including HTML/JSX, JavaScript/TypeScript/es6, CSS - not all required

  • Experience with Node.js and REST APIs, and cloud services such as AWS/Netlify a plus


  • Plan, architect, and develop new features and functionality for our web-based software applications that enhance brand experiences

  • Employ a variety of skills to deliver software that follows user experience best practices and established guidelines

  • Collaborate with Digital Marketing Team to provide UX input, conversion rate optimization suggestions, and design feasibility

  • Identify, troubleshoot and debug defects in code and related systems

  • Design, develop and document system and data integration methods