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Developer - Javascript, React Native and REST (Senior, Remote)


We are looking for an experienced, Senior Developer with skills in Javascript, React Native and REST, who is excited to work on one of our many client projects - both greenfield (new) projects as well as legacy (support) projects in that technology stack. This is a remote position.

Skills & Requirements

The following skills are required:

  1. Very experienced (5+ Years) in Software Development

  2. Very experienced (5+ Years) in Javascript

  3. Very experienced (5+ Years) in React Native

  4. Very experienced (5+ Years) in REST

  5. Knowledge of a typical development lifecycle (development to deployment) using typical industry tools, e.g. Atlassian JIRA and BitBucket

  6. Good written and verbal communication skills

  7. Significant attention to detail when writing code, including good commenting and code documentation skills