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JavaScript/React Developer

Wildfire Systems

Headquarters: San Diego, CA
URL: https://wildfire-corp.com

JavaScript Developer 

Wildfire Systems is building a platform for monetizing digital word-of-mouth recommendations. Our innovative, patented service enables people to earn cash rewards when they recommend products and services to their friends & family. 

We are on the hunt for an amazing JavaScript developer to join our team and build out our site, applications, and internal tools. This position offers the opportunity to create innovative solutions and have a large influence on our product. If this sounds like you and you’re ready for a unique opportunity to shine and build something really cool, we’d love to hear from you! 

Responsibilities & Scope 

You will be a critical member of a small but highly-skilled team. In addition to shared responsibilities that any startup team has, this team member will be responsible for: 
  • Design best-in-class web applications to meet the needs of the customers
  • Develop robust customer-facing web applications for partners 

Required Skills and Experience 

The ideal candidate for this position will have the following skills & experience: 
  • TypeScript, React, Redux, Redux-thunk, Redux-saga, Sass, CSS 
  • Node, Express, Nginx 
  • Experience developing Browser Extensions 
  • Using your REST APIs, JSON, AJAX experience 
  • Strong understanding of git workflows 
  • Knowledge of the mobile landscape, architecture, trends and emerging technologies 

Ideal Characteristics 

We are a small team with great chemistry. We enjoy working together and learning every day. The ideal candidate will have the following qualities: 
  • Testing with Jest and Enzyme 
  • Docker, Kubernetes, Google Cloud Platform 
  • Crash reporting experience with Sentry 
  • Positive attitude and team spirit 
  • Detail-oriented and takes great pride in their work, yet they are also open-minded to learning from their colleagues

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/wildfire-systems-javascript-react-developer