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Full Stack Developer at Imagify (Django, EmberJS)

WP Media

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Headquarters: Lyon, France
URL: https://wp-media.me/

We are looking for an experienced full stack developer to work on Imagify. Our stack is based on Django and Django Rest Framework for the back-end and EmberJS for the front-end.

We're intensively using Redis. We also have some services running with NodeJS

Your job will include:

  • Developing new features
  • Fixing bugs and improving our existing features and stack
  • Solving technical issues in support - doing support is essential in order to get direct customer feedback and improve the product.
  • Improving the scalability of our service (we are optimizing 1.5M images every day)


  • We value creative problem-solving and a collaborative approach in addition to your technical skills.
  • We’re not just looking for a great developer, but an awesome teammate, too :)
  • Development and support are closely connected in Imagify; we’re proud of our ability to respond to customer feedback, and prioritize the user experience.
  • We are looking for someone curious and who loves to learn new things.


Founded in 2014, WP Media is a distributed team of 20, based all around the world . Our mission is to help people have faster websites.

We have two products so far :

- Imagify, a free image optimization service, including a free WordPress plugin: we are optimizing more than 1.5M of images every day.
- WP Rocket, a premium caching plugin for WordPress used by +500 000 websites and +50 000 customers.

We encourage employees to enjoy their family and life by having flexible hours and unlimited vacation. We care about the work you do not the hours you do. Please have a look at our Culture Deck

We have a very strong transparency culture, within our team and to the public.

We have a public Salary Grid


  • 3 years' minimum, experience with Python and Django development
  • A good experience with a front-end JS framework (React, VueJS or Ember)
  • Excellent written and verbal English communication with the ability to explain technical concepts to non-technical users
  • Experience with DevOps or infrastructure management is a plus
  • Experience with NodeJS is a plus
  • Previous freelance or remote work experience is a plus


  • Friendly, diverse team
  • Work remotely
  • Flexible hours
  • Loose vacation policy
  • Annual Bonus

To apply: https://wp-media.workable.com/jobs/1043066/candidates/new