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Backend Developer (NodeJS)


Headquarters: Ottawa
URL: http://www.remotesome.com

We are working with a client who is looking to hire an experienced backend developer who would work on the serverless architecture of the product. 

You will be building a digital platform for creating hyper-personalized art and design products that enable creators, influencers, and brands to bring new products and experiences to market. 

As a serverless developer, you will be working on creating a modern serverless application. You will report directly to the lead developer and be responsible for building and maintaining backend components of the whole stack. Additionally, you will also be building and maintaining integrations with third party services such as Shopify.

Day to day work
  • Collaborate on the design of data models and APIs to support front end applications 

  • Plan, implement, debug, and support serverless application components and APIs 

  • Perform peer code reviews 

  • Research and implement integrations with 3rd party sites such as Shopify 

  • Implement tests and write documentation to maintain a high level of confidence in code 


  • 3-5 years experience developing data-driven web server applications in a variety of environments and language (working with NodeJS is a big plus)

  • Your experience includes some or all of the following: 

    • building APIs as part of a team working with front-end developers 
    • ecommerce solutions, specifically any experience creating Shopify Apps or integrations 
    • architecting, implementing, maintaining, and operating distributed cloud-based 
      applications, especially on Amazon AWS 
    • Able to work remotely, both independently and as part of a team

Apply through the link below. For any additional questions reach out to andrej at remotesome dot com 

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/remotesome-backend-developer-nodejs