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Senior API + Frontend Engineer

PeerWell Inc.

As part of our engineering team, you will use your experience building complex backend systems and APIs, as well as sophisticated single-page apps. You have a strong track record of understanding system architecture and can apply that aptitude to problem-solving development challenges. You’ll work collaboratively with frontend and back end developers, design, product, and customer success. Our engineering team is distributed over half a dozen countries, so you will be a solid self-starter, who is organized and great at synchronous and asynchronous communication. You will serve as a gatekeeper for quality releases.

About You:

  • 5-7+ years experience with both

    • API or backend experience building and solving systems and computational problems.

    • Complex single-page apps with custom UI elements and data display

  • You demonstrate enthusiasm for agile/scrum processes and process improvement. 

  • Top-notch communication skills, written and verbal English

  • A passion for improving the health of millions of people

  • The ability to thrive in a startup environment

In your note to us, make sure your passion for the work we do at PeerWell, and highlight your relevant experiences.

Technical Requirements:

  • Expertise in Nodejs and Javascript at a minimum.

    • Javascript should make you uncomfortable when it comes to code design, and you might yearn for more structured languages.

  • You are a writer of well thought out, class/prototype-oriented code.

  • You should be an expert with complex system processes such as async code and issues that arise from multiple processing threads, and debugging them.

  • Know what a well-designed API looks like and why it is the way it is. Have opinions on REST-based APIs, positives, and negatives.

  • Experience with reviewing PRs.

  • A track-record of accurately estimating work.  

  • An applied understanding of TDD, BDD, or other testing methodologies.


  • Experience with HIPAA, health tech, insurance tech, or other regulated industries

  • Kubernetes, Terraform, CI/CD deployment infra.

  • Machine Learning (vision models, RNNs, Transformers, etc).

  • Data Mining

  • Bilingual


Remote exclusively, preferring East-Coast USA..  


  • Competitive salary and equity at series A valuation

  • Unlimited PTO

  • Medical, dental, vision 

  • Annual international off-sites (when travel is safe)

  • Flexible working hours

  • 100% remote, not just during Covid

To apply

  • Don't just send a resume but write an introduction: describe your interest, passion, and fitness for this role. We are passionate people.

  • Why do you want to work at PeerWell in particular? You will not be considered without such an introduction.

Additional Information

Backed by leading investors. PeerWell is backed by one of the largest investors in the world, OMERS. They have $100B of assets under management serving 500k pensioners and 1000 employer organizations. Their investments are worldwide and span all company stages.

Successful founders. PeerWell's founders have co-founded and led multi-billion dollar companies like LiveRamp and Palantir.

Category leader. PeerWell coined the term PreHab and defined surgery optimization as a new form of care for patients awaiting MSK surgery. We are pioneering technology that will define how patients of the future will be cared for.

Distributed team. We care more about people being engaged with the work we do to support patients and change healthcare than where you get work done