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Frontend/NextJs (JS/TS) Web Developer


IMPORTANT! Although it's a remote job. Please do not apply if you are not within 2 hours of Central European Time. 

We're looking for a Web Developer with a focus on Javascript/Typescript/next.js. You will need to be able to work independently and remote.

That being said we already have a functioning remote team in place and the right tools to make you an essential part of the team 

More information at https://www.prezly.com/careers

What you'll be doing:

- Work on the website (nextjs), component css, scss
- Write reusable, modern and DRY front-end code in javascript + typescript + react 
- Write clean, performant and well maintained html / css / scss 
- Tune/Update/Optimise our build pipeline (SPA, webpack,...) 
- Deliver a beautiful, world-class experience on the Prezly website and newsrooms 

Skills needed:

- The smarts to build high quality sites, the drive to do it quickly and grit to overcome any challenges 
- Extensive knowledge of NextJs, Webpack, Javascript, Typescript, React
- Extensive knowledge of modern Javascript libraries and tools
- Extensive knowledge of modern HTML, CSS and similar tech 
- Detail oriented & UX 
- Strong UX and design sensibilities