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Frontend Developer (React and Gatsby)


Headquarters: Vancouver, BC
URL: https://www.visualcv.com/

We are hiring a frontend developer with strong knowledge of Javascript, React, and UI/UX design. Strong knowledge of HTML, CSS and JS is a must and if you are familiar with Ruby on Rails it’ll be an advantage.

We are a small and agile team - you have a lot of responsibility to create products used by hundreds of thousands of people and see immediate impact from your work. We iterate fast and aim to push out product improvements every week.


  • Implement responsive UI/UX designs using React and StyledComponents
  • Integrate best practices for SEO and performance optimization
  • Write clean, organized, reusable, well-tested code that is a pleasure for other developers to read
  • Collaborate with other remote developers, participate in peer-reviews, review pull requests from other developers on the team
  • Diagnose and resolve bugs within the existing codebase
  • Refactoring complex or problematic code as needed to improve long-term maintainability, scalability and extensibility of the codebase
  • Build upon our test suite with new unit and integration tests


Technical Requirements

  • Frontend Gatsby, Javascript, React, StyledComponents
  • Testing Jest, Cypress
  • Datastores Contentful CMS via GraphQL
  • Source Control / Workflow Git, Github, Slack, Wrike

Experience with these specific technologies/concepts is a plus, but not strictly required

  • Backend Ruby on Rails and Node.js/Express.js REST APIs
  • Datastores PostgreSQL, Memcache
  • DevOps Cloudflare, AWS (RDS, ElasticBeanstalk, Lambda, etc.), CircleCI
  • Localization and Internationalization

Experience And Qualifications

  • 5 years experience building, deploying, and maintaining complex production websites using modern HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • 2+ years experience specifically with React (or similar) frontend Javascript framework
  • Experience with GatsbyJS and GraphQL highly desired, but not required
  • Experience writing unit and integration tests
  • Willingness to spend time learning and working with complex systems
  • Willingness to take ownership and see things through
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Adaptable, analytical thinker who can work autonomously and productively with a small mostly remote team


  • Open to contractor or full time employee
  • Competitive Salary and Benefits

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/visualcv-frontend-developer-react-and-gatsby