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Senior Software Engineer

Digital Reasoning

Digital Reasoning is a leader in cognitive computing. We build software that understands human communication – in many languages, across many domains, and at enormous scale. Our groundbreaking and patented technology learns from experience and is able to transform data into the knowledge clients need to accurately answer questions. We are innovating solutions for national security, Enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance.

At Digital Reasoning, we’re writing the next great chapter in technology. It’s an exciting narrative where passionate people make smarter software to solve complex problems that has a significant impact on our customers. We are actively recruiting Software Engineers who share our passion for innovation.

Candidates should have solid computer science and programming fundamentals, experience combining multiple technology components into working systems, and experience writing software with significant database (RDBMS or noSQL) and server aspects.

Specific duties include but not limited to:

Collaborate closely with cross-functional teams to build performant applications
Build compelling data exploration workflows utilizing a variety of technologies: RDBMS, noSQL, parallel processing frameworks
Unit-test code for robustness, including edge cases, usability, and general reliability
Perform technical reviews and audits of the application, provide feedback through code reviews and merge requests
General Required Competencies:

Ability to provide technical leadership around the chosen platform and an ability to guide and lead a team through future platform decisions. Ability to provide constructive technical feedback to team members, and mentorship when needed.
Excellent organization and prioritization abilities – project scoping and estimation experience to ensure features can be completed within given time frames; pragmatic approach to software design and planning.
You grok new material quickly and thrive in a fast paced development environment
You are a self-starter, confident, creative, an effective communicator and a team player
You enjoy a development process that supports rapid feedback and agile response
You love the work you do and want to work with similarly passionate people
You are pragmatic and can estimate/scope to deliver software on time with quality
You write testable and maintainable software and are serious about software quality
You have strong opinions about software structure but understand the value of consensus
Time Allocation:

75% Backend (RDBMS / API / Server) development
15% Frontend (Javascript / Angular) development
10% QA
Minimum Education and Experience:

B.S.in computer science/related field or equivalent experience
8+ years software development experience
Strong computer science fundamentals: data structures, algorithms, design patterns
Proficiency with a JVM language (Kotlin, Java, etc.)
Proficiency using RDBMS effectively (MySQL or RDS)
Experience with RESTful API design and best practice
Familiarity with Javascript
Preferred Education and Experience:

Experience writing Javascript applications
Experience with Angular
Experience with Docker
Experience with event and queue-based architecture
Experience with Salt, Chef, or other devops frameworks
Experience using a distributed version control tool and Maven
Community or open source involvement (e.g. Hackathons, local user groups)
Some cool projects that you’d love to show off