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Asset Integration Engineer



Exodus is looking for an engineer who is excited to explore and integrate bleeding edge cryptocurrencies into the Exodus wallet. Your role as an Asset Integration Engineer is to make new blockchains accessible to the millions of users who use our wallet to secure and exchange their crypto assets. We are looking for a JavaScript engineer who is excited about the crypto ecosystem and self-motivated enough to bring new assets into our wallets.

What You Will Do

  • Reduce the number of failed exchange transactions that our customers experience.

  • Research the blockchain technicals that underpin new assets and figure out how to integrate them into our Desktop and Mobile wallets.

  • Work cross functionally with our DevOps team to configure full node software.

  • Write indexing services in JavaScript that interface with the asset’s full node.

  • Modify front-end React.js components in our wallets in order to support the asset.

  • Implement or use 3rd-party libraries for asset signing and transaction creation.

  • Work with the UX designers to implement UX edge cases specific to each asset.

  • Work with external staking providers to implement staking functionality for relevant assets.

Framework and Languages

  • JavaScript

  • Node.js

  • REST / GraphQL

  • PostgreSQL

Who You Are

  • You have excellent debugging skills. Your first responsibility will be working across a number of existing assets in order to get failed exchange transactions as close to zero as possible.

  • You’re self-motivated, well organized, and an excellent communicator - both written and verbal.

  • You have a strong NodeJS and React background.

  • You are someone who is able to unblock themselves in a largely asynchronous work environment.

  • Experience with crypto and blockchain technology is a requirement. Familiarity with a specific asset is a bonus. We aren’t looking for BTC maximalists with this role. We are looking for someone who is curious about the entirety of the crypto space and is curious to explore all the nuance that it has to offer.

  • Someone who is self motivated and can thrive in a fast-paced, dynamic startup environment.

  • You have a deep knowledge of the Node.js APIs and are comfortable writing asynchronous algorithms.

  • You have a basic understanding of cryptographic primitives like hashing, macs, PK-crypto, and signing.

  • You love writing code in Node.js and doesn’t understand why anyone would choose any other platform to write web services :)

  • You're helpful and willing to offer assistance to other team members within the company.

What your Journey Will Look Like at Exodus

In the first 30 days you will become oriented with our team structure, culture and codebase. You will begin to contribute pull requests and learn our release process and overall peer review cycle. By the second month you will begin working cross functionally with the team and actively take ownership of any issues with our exchange. After 90 days you’ll know our asset libraries like the back of your hand and will be able to make recommendations to the rest of the team seamlessly.

What we Offer

  • Freedom to work wherever you want, whenever you want.

  • Building the future. Cryptocurrencies lay the foundation to the internet of value, the next major wave in application technology and personal finance.

  • Collaborative and feedback-driven culture.

  • Opportunity to grow. The sky's the limit if you're hungry to succeed.

  • Fair pay, no matter where you live.

  • Competitive compensation package.

Our Hiring Process

At Exodus, we pride ourselves in hiring people from all around the world. We work with individuals from various backgrounds; some traditional and some a bit more unconventional.

Our hiring process focuses on 2 pillars.

  • Efficiency. You can expect the process to take about two weeks. We know what it’s like to wait several weeks for a recruiter to get back to you and we want to be respectful of your time.

  • Transparency. We anticipate you asking questions and will answer with transparency and respect.

We are committed to shaping a better world and have built our team based on always being candid, customer advocacy, commitment to help and delivery. Overall, our goal is that you have a great candidate experience with us.