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Frontend/VueJs Software Engineer

BRG - The GAT Team


We are looking for a software engineer to join our growing team, helping build our web-based analytics platform: BRG DRIVETM. The web is an ever-changing landscape, we’re looking for someone with experience building a modern single page application, but we have no specific tech stack or years-of-experience requirements though our preference is indicated in bold.

Required Qualifications

  • Self-starter who digs in to find solutions, not just identifies problems. Enjoy working fast, breaking and fixing things, and implementing your own ideas to bring client services to the modern web.

  • A desire to work remotely while traveling occasionally for team gatherings, client-specific work and “devcations” where product development takes place.

  • Hold an ESTA eligible passport to enable travel with short notice

  • Authorized to work in the US

  • Experience enhancing and working with a full-stack web application

  • Knowledge of one or more frameworks for the frontend (ex. VueJs, React, Angular)

Ideal Qualifications

  • ~1-2 years of relevant work experience in software development

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or similar technical field of study

  • Experience in software development using a general-purpose programming language (e.g., Python, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Go, etc)

  • Knowledge of one or more frameworks for the backend (ex. Django, Flask, Laravel, Ruby On Rails, Express, Spring)

  • Familiarity with SQL databases and designing application table structures

  • Basic version control (ex. Git), networking, and cloud experience related to application deployment

  • Knowledge of CI/CD techniques and implementations

  • Knowledge of Linux and Docker

  • Experience integrating 3rd party software into an existing stack

The Role

In this role your programming skills will be challenged by potentially any industry and many different issues that causes problems for our clients. You will work with our team of data scientists, subject matter experts, and other experienced coders to develop digital solutions for clients across the world by taking what they have learned or conceptualized and coding it into an implementable reality.  While we solve these problems, we dev together, we play together, and we support you to find the time for your family, non-work fun, and your passion – whatever it may be. 

With us you will

  • Architect solutions that help solve the most pressing issues for companies across the globe implementing elegant and well-documented code.

  • Make our platform, BRG DRIVETM an increasingly more competitive and compelling solution by championing and implementing new ideas and features.

  • Provide an active, creative and knowledgeable voice during project roadmap and strategy brainstorming discussions.

  • Create new features by designing and implementing proof of concepts and coordinating the final implementations.

  • Make sure our code is clean and elegant by collaborating with the team during code review to maintain standards and code base knowledge.

  • Dev your passion into reality. GAT believes in giving you time to chase after something that interests you even if it doesn’t make a direct or immediate impact to our work as we believe it provides innovation and inspiration into all that we do.

  • Learn far more than you knew before you started working with the team and share those insights with the team.

About you

  • Be a committed team player who works well with various stakeholders to ensure the best outcome.

  • Flexible and creative enough to accept that client needs can be very different, and they change. You thrive – not cringe—at this reality and enjoy finding a way to work in the confines and the requirements of such a technical solution.

  • Have strong spoken and written communication skills including the ability to talk to non-dev people and explain what you are doing and why you do it the way you do.

  • Have a passion for learning new things and pushing the envelope.

  • Taking pride in own work and demonstrating attention to detail.

What is on the table

  • Competitive salary and benefits package

  • Working as part of a remote and dynamic DevOps team

  • Several “devcations” a year (pandemic permitting), held in different cities around the world, where you assemble with the DevOps team (and others depending on the need) to scope new features, and enhancements that build the revenue potential and scalability of BRG DRIVETM

  • Custom remote working travel kit to allow a flexible lifestyle

  • Yearly training and certification budget