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Developer Advocate - Global Health Data Platform


As a DHIS 2 Developer Advocate you will work closely with the team of DHIS 2 core developers to engage with the broader DHIS 2 development community.  DHIS 2 is the largest health information system in the world, used at the national level in dozens of countries. There is a large community of developers building web, mobile, and server-side extensions around the world. In this position, you will help to foster the growth of this global community and to develop closer communication, collaboration, and exchange of ideas within that community, as well as with the core team developing the development tools they use.  Additionally, you will develop online learning material and organize learning events for developers building upon the DHIS 2 platform.


  • Manage and engage with the DHIS2 developer community

  • Work with DHIS2 core developers to advocate for the libraries and features needed by external developers

  • Maintain a dedicated developer portal (developers.dhis2.org) with resources, news, and community outreach

  • Organize, coordinate, and help teach developer learning events, both online and (eventually) in-person

  • Create and maintain developer-focused documentation and online learning material (tutorials, guides, conceptual overviews, best-practices)

  • Be responsive to questions, troubleshooting, bug reports, and feature requests from the developer community

  • (optional) Work with DHIS2 core developers to build developer tools and libraries (mostly in Javascript code)


  • Excellent English language technical writing skills

  • Online content creation experience

  • Technical education interest or experience

  • 1+ years of experience managing or contributing to a developer community

  • 3+ years experience as a software developer of web applications

  • Experience with modern Javascript (ES6) and React web development

  • (Bonus) DHIS2 Application Development experience

Location and Employment details

This is a 60 to 100% position on a 1-year renewable contract.

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