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Full Stack and Front End Engineers


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Headquarters: Remote
URL: https://torre.co

1. Front-End Engineer at Voice123
Compensation: USD$32.000/Yearly
Location: Remote
Skills: 2+years of experience in Front End. 1+year of experience in SQL. Must have potential to develop Python, Java, Node.js, Elasticsearch, SEO and Google Analytics.
Application link: https://torre.co/talent/NwqGy7r3/posting

Challenge: We’re crafting the future of the voice over industry and we’re currently looking for a Front End Engineer who’ll spearhead our SEO efforts. With your front-end and analytical skills, your mission will be to plan and lead programs that will make sure our future users are only one search away from Voice123. Are you comfortable within the high-pressure environment of a fast-paced technology company? Then this is your career opportunity!

2. Full Stack Engineer at Bunny Inc.
Compensation: Between USD$36.720 - USD$50.935/yearly
Location: Remote
Skills: 2+years of experience in Software Development, Back-End, Front-End
Application link: https://torre.co/talent/Jdm8Ggwm/posting

Challenge: Your mission will be to keep the existing code base and develop new features with a high level of quality to ensure the sustainable growth of the product. 

If you are interested in one of these opportunities feel free to apply directly through the corresponding links or contact us directly and we will solve any doubt you have or assist you in this process: andresg@torre.co

At Torre, our goal is to make work fulfilling for everyone. To accomplish this, we need movers and shakers who have the fierce determination to pursue big, hairy, audacious goals. We hire entrepreneurs because they have an innate inclination to do whatever it takes to succeed. Entrepreneurs have a passion for taking calculated risks. Combined, our leadership team has 40+ years of startup experience, ranging from multi-million dollar exits to million-dollar fundraising rounds. You can learn more about us at http://about.torre.co and meet the team at https://about.torre.co/#/team Torre is owned by Emma, a holding that also owns Voice123 ( http://voice123.com ), Bunny Inc. ( http://bunnyinc.com ), and is expanding.

To apply: andresg@torre.co