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Backend Developer


We are looking for an experienced backend developer with at least 4 years of previous work for ongoing web automation project called Automatio.

Automatio is visual web automation tool and scraper, which let you collect, grab, scrape data from the web without coding and just using Chrome Extension.

We have working prototype build 2 years ago which is not launched to the public yet. Now we are working on re-building it from scratch, using the existing model (prototype), features which will lead us to a better and more stable version.

If you are a developer with the following skills below, wanna work remotely and be a part of successful Web Scraping & Automation Platform, click the link to the Google Form where you can signup and provide the information we need.

Some of the skills required:

  • Nodejs
  • Express
  • GraphQL
  • WebSockets
  • Redis/Mongo based Queue (RabbitMQ, Bull etc)

Automatio is one of Vanila.io projects. If you have some questions and wanna chat with us, feel free to join our Community / Chat.