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Senior Front End Engineer


Senior Front End Engineers have advanced knowledge in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as well as experience building large-scale modular applications. They are experienced in interpreting designs and crafting solid, reusable, and maintainable HTML and CSS for enterprise clients. They effectively consult with Designers on how to design for the web.

Senior Front End Engineers are also effective consultants and collaborators. They know how to balance a client’s needs, budget, and requirements. With knowledge of cutting edge techniques and an understanding of the constraints of scope and budget, Senior Front End Engineers know the possible ways to move forward and is able to select an appropriate technical approach for each client. Senior Front End Engineers are also expected to be good communicators. They are skilled at providing actionable feedback and recommendations both internally to managers/teammates and externally to clients/vendors. Senior Front End Engineers deliver successful projects by writing quality code, participating in important strategy conversations, and assisting with code reviews.



-Write modular, accessible, and performant HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

-Interpret designs and transform them in a rich cross-platform/device web experience.

-Ability to rapidly prototype interfaces to finalize an experience in the browser as well as build long term scalable, maintainable, and performant production code.

-Visualize how a static design will be coded. Proactively flag challenging areas and offer alternatives, as well as identifying areas for greater code reuse.

-Ability to implement designs and advance UI concepts that align with current industry and project accessibility standards.

-Ability to estimate front-end work for a project and modularize goals into clearly defined, executable tasks.

-Ability to lead the front-end strategy for a project and make impactful decisions about the methodologies recommended to a client.

-Creating and maintaining projects built in modern JavaScript frameworks.



-At least five years experience with front-end engineering, web development, web engineering, or a similar field.

-Strong understanding of HTML and CSS including cross-browser compatibility, performance, and WCAG accessibility compliance.

-Ability to write modern, performant, and accessible JavaScript using latest technologies.

-Experience with the React JavaScript library.

-Experience using Git.

-Proven ability to transform a static comp into a website from the ground up.

-Understanding of ad implementations in a responsive environment.

-Experience in task runners and bundlers like: Grunt, Gulp, and Webpack.

-Experience with coded style guides and creating highly componentized systems.

-Experience with coding PHP, specifically for WordPress as a platform, including custom post types, taxonomies, and use of WordPress beyond typical "blog" use cases.

-Being collaborative, self-motivated, and an "always-learning" person, excited to create great web experiences.



-Experience with Sketch or Design Software.

-Advanced understanding of as implementations in a responsive environment.

-Moderate PHP experience.

-Experience with Gutenberg and building out custom blocks.

-Design experience or formal design education.

-Remote working experience appreciated.

-Experience in mentoring and leading a team.

-Experience and expertise with third party integrations and client-side APIs.

-Strong ability to communicate with client stakeholders, both technical and non-technical, about the impact of decisions around markup approach, cross-platform responsive interactions, performance, and topics like accessibility and internationalization.

-Understand the high-level concepts behind modern JavaScript frameworks and can architect and execute project-work as needed.

-Code-based portfolio. Link us to your GitHub account, upload a .zip, or both (source files are helpful to get a sense of your code structure and file organization).