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Javascript Developer for teelaunch


Headquarters: Sioux Falls, SD
URL: https://teelaunch.com

We're looking for someone to join our small (but growing) team.

teelaunch is a print on demand company that connects people who have ideas with manufacturers who make things. Over the last five years teelaunch customers have created over 47 million products (just to give you an idea of our scale so you can see the impact you can make).

The job basically involves the creation and maintenance of tools to help our customers make more sales. This takes mainly the form of Shopify apps with some standalone apps for backend processes such as image manipulation.

We're looking for someone who is self motivation and isn't afraid to share their ideas. We aren't looking for someone to just write code but rather help us develop new and innovative products. We can promise you that you'll never be bored.

This is usually the section where companies list how many years experience you need or other specific things they require. We don't really care what your journey has been so far as long as you can bring our ideas to life. Knowledge of Shopify is helpful but not necessary. Most things will need to be done in React so you probably should know that.

We offer competitive salaries and a fun working environment where you can set your own hours.

If any of this sounds good to you reach out and let's have a conversation.

Hint: Including links to things you've made will set you apart from your completion. 

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/teelaunch-javascript-developer-for-teelaunch