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Front end full stack developer


Main responsibilities

  • To work alongside (virtually) an existing development team.

  • Focus on front end development following current standard and architecture.

  • Code the front end of an API application, based on existing design.

  • Deliver features and bug fixes on a weekly basis under remote management.

  • To ensure that change management process is following best standards, with security in mind, according to internal practice.

  • To deliver weekly updates and notify the management team of any code or process concerns.

  • To advise based on experience, best security and design practice a cloud application.

  • To take responsibility for the front end development of the product.

  • Work very closely to the other developer(s) in a collaborative manner, with the tools already used.

Knowledge, skills and experience

  • Highly experienced in software development, but more importantly up to date with the latest frameworks.

  • Aware of security in Software and best practice.

  • Responsive application development capabilities.

  • Fully experienced with Javascript, and CSS.

  • Must have Component based framework like React or Vue

  • Can work with Open Web Components using Lit-Element

  • Strong knowledge of state management like Redux and Redux thunk

  • Experience with PWA apps.


  • Highly motivated and high energic enthusiasm.

  • Self sufficient and good time management

  • Flexible with changes

  • Capable to work under pressure and meet deadlines.

  • A solution driven attitude.

  • Team spirited.