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Full Stack Developer


Headquarters: London, UK
URL: https://agencymai.com/

Are you looking for interesting, collaborative web development projects? If so, we're a small, distributed team (Britain, Germany, Nigeria, Slovenia, Romania, etc.) doing unusual and challenging websites for multiple clients, with more work coming up than our current developers can comfortably cope with - so we’d love to hear from you.

About you…

We're looking for someone who…
  • … is technically pretty strong. This is not entry-level work and we don’t have a set-up to mentor junior developers.
  • … has good experience with at least some of the technologies and types of work that we handle (WordPress, Vue, Laravel... 3rd party integrations, PWAs, real time data, animations and visualisations… nobody has all of those things in their portfolio, and we don’t expect you to, but a good grasp of some would be great.)
  • … enjoys collaborating with a team (with designers, other developers, etc.)
  • … is comfortable talking in English on Skype/Slack. Good team communication is vital!
  • … is in an African/European time zone - i.e. no more than two hours off London/UTC time. 
… can find effective solutions to a new challenge every day, and enjoys unusual development challenges.

Does that sound like you?

We’re flexible on working hours (there is a regular morning meeting to get all the discussions out of the way at once, so you will be uninterrupted for most of the day) and we can be flexible around family or other freelance commitments. We don’t mind whether you are in a cottage on an island off the coast of Sweden or an apartment in a bustling city in South Africa - so long as you’ve got a good internet connection and are keen to do great work, we’d love to hear from you.


To apply please :
  • Start off by giving us just one sentence outlining the sorts of projects you’d be most excited by (we mentioned a load of stuff above - WordPress, vue.js, marketing sites, e-commerce, complicated data-visualisation sites - but what would you want to get involved in?)
  • Then show us a couple of examples of the coolest, most unusual or most insane things you've done, either front or back end. Of course we’re happy to see a CV and know about your academic qualifications and see a list of your past sites and so on - the usual stuff - but really: show us cool stuff!
  • Add your CV.
  • Let us know what your expectations are in terms of salary or hourly freelance/contract rates.
And then when we have all of that, we can see if it is worth a chat to see if there is a fit between us.

Thanks for reading!

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/agency-mai-full-stack-developer