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Front-end Web Developer


Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA
URL: https://firstandthird.com/

Overview Of Role: 
We're a fully remote web development agency that is looking to expand the organization to include a client facing Front-end Developer. This contract position would help us create engaging websites, web apps and new features for clients. This person should have a keen eye for engaging animations and clean code. 

Our mission:
At First + Third, it is our mission to outperform average agencies. We believe that when an agency only thinks about how to get a project done and not enough about the client’s goals, it becomes impossible for the project to be a success. 

As an organization we are obsessed with helping our clients understand and achieve their objectives through thoughtful, well-executed web design and development. We are relentless in our pursuit of the very best solution for each individual client and work tirelessly until the desired results are achieved. 

As a team, we invest ourselves fully in meeting our client’s goals as if they were our own because when they succeed, we do too. 

Front-end Developer Responsibilities:
  • Turn Design into Semantic HTML and CSS - Starting with a design file (most likely Sketch but could be XD or Photoshop) this person will be responsible for making that design come to life. This means creating a semantic HTML structure and a CSS that makes it look and behave like the design.
  • Build reusable code - We love Open Sourcing! So much so that we keep more than 400 public repositories in GitHub. We reuse our libraries and improve them when it’s needed. This developer needs to be able to build code that’s easily reusable and not too tightly coupled with the current project.
  • Interact with your peers to communicate progress and/or requirements - Given that we are a fully remote team, being able to comfortably communicate with their progress and any roadblocks is critical.
  • Make the code fast and scalable - We specialize in website performance and pride ourselves on providing fast and slim websites to our clients. This person should always have performance in mind so both the code and the assets are optimized and follow best practices for load times and user experience.
  • Create CSS and JavaScript animations - We really like making things move! Subtle animations help both in storytelling and awing the user. This person should feel comfortable creating subtle animations and effects that complement the provided designs.

  • 2 - 4+ years of experience as a front-end developer.
  • We expect you to know your way around git, front-end building tools (such as Webpack) and should be highly proficient with CSS and JavaScript.
  • Experience working remotely.
  • Comfortable interpreting designs and/or specifications and thinking through the best approach to adapting it to code.
  • A solid understanding of good UX and UI practices for websites. 
  • Familiarity with Sketch a plus since most of our designs are delivered as Sketch files.
  • We also do some projects in React, so experience there is a plus.
  • We often work with Node.js, Wordpress and Shopify backends so experience in those fields are a plus.

The ideal candidate will possess these key characteristics:
  • Reliable: Be able to manage time well, so that teammates can count on one another to do what they said they would do each day, communicating quickly if it is not going to be possible. 
  • Curious, Critical Thinker: Be able to ask thorough questions in order to understand the goals, objectives, and future implications of every project while also thinking critically about how each individual’s tasks relate to and affect the project as a whole. 
  • Relentless: Be relentless in the pursuit of the client’s goals, never failing to ask yourself if this is your best work and the best possible solution for the client.
  • Nimble: Can shift easily between multiple projects, changing gears and managing several priorities at once. 
  • Sense of Ownership: Treats each project as their own and is invested in its success.
  • Problem Solver: When presented with a problem or challenge, you take it upon yourself to find a solution. 
  • Accountable: As a part of a wholly remote team, you are a self starter that is able to stay on task and hold yourself accountable to meeting deadlines without being micromanaged. 

Join Our Team!
If this sounds like it would be a good fit for you, we’d love to hear from you. Here’s how the process works: 
  1. Apply: Introduce yourself and let us know a little about yourself. Please include a resume and a summary of a recent project/product you built. Please no agencies.
  2. We’ll Get Together: Virtually of course, we’ll set up a time to get to know each other, ask questions, and make sure we’re both a good fit for one another. 
  3. Take a look at work: We like to get a sense of how you approach a problem so we’ll give you a quick project to complete.
  4. Succeed Together: We’ll get to work helping our clients reach their goals because when they succeed, we do too. 

More about First + Third
First + Third is an agency deeply committed to helping leaders understand and achieve business goals through thoughtful, well executed, and expertly managed web design and development. With over 20 years of experience, we have had the privilege of working with organizations such as LeanIn.Org, Facebook, Billboard Music, Girls Who Code and The Hollywood Reporter to name a few.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/first-third-front-end-web-developer