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*Senior* React Native Mobile Dev (Full time)

Loss Control Plus

Headquarters: North Carolina, USA
URL: https://losscontrol.plus

Loss Control Plus is a US-based startup seeking a talented and experienced React Native developer to join our team and help us improve and expand an existing React Native mobile application.

We are looking for someone who will take initiative to help add polish, stability, and an enhanced user experience to our application as well as help us to create the next generation of product enhancements.

Must Have
  • Deep React Native expertise
  • Experience building RN applications for business use
  • Excellent communication, collaboration, and team skills
  • A cheerful willingness to peer review code - and have your code peer-reviewed
  • A solid understanding of how to optimize React Native applications to be performant and reliable
  • An excellent understanding of Redux
  • Typescript proficiency
  • Fastlane experience
  • Native iOS / Android native (Java / Kotlin / Swift / Objective C) experience.
  • Experience with camera-heavy and sync-heavy applications.

Bonus Skills
  • Mobile application testing experience: Appium
  • Mobile application testing experience: Detox
  • Circle-CI experience
  • NoSQL / MongoDB / Realm experience

Camera-Heavy App

Our app utilizes heavy use of the camera. Developers who have experience building performant, camera-based solutions for mobile will receive priority consideration.

Offline Challenges

Our application is used by inspectors in areas where internet service will be spotty or non-existent. The application needs to reliably store large, nested data and sync it up to the server when online internet service is available. Knowledge of how to write performant and reliable code that can work offline and online is a big requirement for this position.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/loss-control-plus-senior-react-native-mobile-dev-full-time