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Senior React Engineer

Cleo AI

We’re looking for a brilliant Senior Frontend React/React Native Engineer with an eye for UI/UX design to join us on our mission to improve our users' financial health. You’ll be joining a team of adaptable, creative, and product-focused engineers who ship working software. We understand our customers, we understand their pain, and we are passionate about helping them. 

Life as an Engineer at Cleo

  • We don’t deliberate exhaustively over all the what-ifs. We focus on being effective. We make small changes and test them quickly. 

  • We think the deliberate, conscious and careful accumulation of tech debt is a powerful tool that lets us ship code and value to our users faster. 

  • We write code to be read, debugged and maintained by humans. 

  • We help each other. We learn the best and quickest by reviewing each others’ code and giving each other useful, constructive feedback. 

We believe that you should work on problems that inspire you. Our current product squads focus on the following problems:

  • Squids: focus on activation and building useful financial tools

  • Money: focus improve users financial health by improving access to our financial product 

  • Boost: focus on retention by ensuring our users engage with Cleo regularly 

What we’re looking for

  • We’re looking for someone who wants to make a positive difference in society by improving the financial health of over 3 million users worldwide.

  • We are acutely aware of the position of many of our customers and our role in trying to help and serve them. This means you take the initiative. You are a passionate doer. You own our problems and are always learning.

  • You join us in our belief that we don’t know everything and empower our colleagues to make progress. Anyone at Cleo can have an idea and we’ll support them to test it.

  • We are trying to be the change we want to see in the world. You purposefully give energy to those around you and inspire confidence. You create an environment that’s inclusive and empowers others to do their best work. You respect your colleagues and our customers.

Why should I apply?

  • There’s a clear engineering career growth framework. Whether you want to develop your career as a sole contributor or head down the engineering management track, you can grow with us! 

  • You’ll be joining an open and collaborative team where you’ll be heard and get to make a difference

  • You’ll be joining a team of respected frontend engineers 

  • Work where you work best … we’re fully remote for the rest of the year 

  • Work when you work best … we have flexible hours to enable you to work at your best


  • 4+ years experience building complex customer-facing products for the web or mobile platforms

  • Strong knowledge and deep understanding of JavaScript/HTML/CSS

  • Strong experience using React and/or React Native and a deep understanding of state management

  • Insights on the trade-offs of other JavaScript libraries and frameworks

  • You are product and delivery focused

  • You are adaptable and creative, with a commitment to improvement and learning

We are committed to making Cleo a more diverse and inclusive workplace. We are making continuous changes in order to make sure that all voices, especially those of minorities are heard, supported and celebrated. Our work doesn't stop at hiring, and we are providing every employee with training, support and development throughout their Cleo career, alongside training specific to inclusivity.