Front End Engineer ($210k USD)
 5 months ago

Headquarters: Canada

Teal is a startup that allows SMB neobanks and vertical SaaS companies to build integrated accounting products for their small business customers. Our mission is to build a profitable business, and our strategy is to win with boring competence.

Our product consists of REST APIs and documentation that our enterprise customers use to build accounting solutions for their small business customers.

We're seeking an experienced Front End Engineer to join our team, focusing on developing and enhancing the user interfaces of our key front-end surfaces. These include a demo platform to showcase the potential of our API platform to prospects and a developer portal where developers can log in and configure their platform.

In this role, your primary responsibilities will involve building new features for both the demo and developer portal, writing and maintaining tests for these platforms, and creating code examples and front-end components. These components will enable our customers to easily replicate features from our demo in their own products. Additionally, you will contribute ideas and insights into the architecture of these platforms, ensuring they are highly maintainable and efficient.

We are a fully remote team working from Canada and the US. This role mostly involves working from home, with occasional travel to offsites a few times a year.

We are growing our customer base quickly, so we’re looking for more people of exceptional competence to join our team. If this is you, and you want to work on the future of embedded fintech products, please apply.

What you’ll do here
  • Develop new features for our demo platform and developer portal, to take advantage of the growing capabilities of our API.
  • Write and maintain tests for both platforms to ensure reliability and performance.
  • Build code examples and front-end components for customer use.
  • Contribute to the architectural decisions of our front-end surfaces, focusing on maintainability and efficiency.

What you bring to the table
  • Solid understanding of front-end technologies and principles.
  • 5+ years of experience building front-end applications.
  • Strong proficiency in React.
  • Experience in implementing responsive and adaptive design.
  • Excellent verbal and communication skills.
  • Ability to work asynchronously.

Bonus points
  • Experience working with distributed teams.
  • Experience working with Next.js

  • Canada: $250k-275k CAD salary, plus stock options. No additional benefits.
  • USA: $190-$210k USD total compensation, with a choice as to how you allocate between salary and benefits. Plus stock options.

To apply:

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