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Front End Engineer

Stardog Union

Stardog is the world's leading Knowledge Graph platform for the Enterprise. Turn data into knowledge faster and easier. Stardog lets you query, search, and analyze enterprise data, wherever it is, using scalable, cutting-edge Knowledge Graph technology.

Stardog Studio is the face of the Stardog Platform. It provides an IDE-like experience for Knowledge Engineers and developers to create data models, integrate data, execute and debug queries, and manage Stardog itself.

We're looking for talented engineers to help us build the next generation of Studio as we move towards a more visual experience to better enable our growing user community. From simply browsing the knowledge graph, to defining the model that serves as its backbone, we're creating more visual ways to explore and curate the data in Stardog.

If you have a passion for creating, clean, responsive, and usable applications and are looking for the chance to be a part of a world class engineering team in a high-growth, venture backed startup, this is the opportunity for you!

We will expect you to work closely with the product team to incorporate feedback from our users into comprehensive and compelling designs that you'll then bring to life. Good software is working software, so we will expect you to not only write good tests for your code, but be familiar with the software development life cycle and best practices.

Studio is written with Typescript using React, so we're expecting you to be familiar with those technologies. Bonus points if you're familiar with Node.js, Immutable.js, Redux, Webpack. Even more of a bonus if you know Stylus or Sass, or just have some background in UX and design.

Not familiar with graph? No worries. It's a hot topic these days, but still new to many people. We're excited to help teach you! Is semantic technology old hat? Even better!

This is primarily a remote position. You should be comfortable with, and have experience working remotely. You should also have strong communication skills as much of our interactions will be over email, chat, and PR where it's harder to get your point across.

No degree? No problem. Having a piece of paper with some fancy words on it like "Computer Science" is great, but not a requirement. You can be an engineer without an engineering degree. What we're looking for is someone ready and willing to learn, to work hard, be passionate about solving our user's problems, and who is a great team mate.

We will expect to see code! Don't be shy about sharing your work. You can even check out some of ours.

And if you want to see what you'll be working on, check out our sandbox