Full Stack Developer Big Data Power - Power Markets Dedicated Employee

 a year ago

Headquarters: ohio
URL: http://www.powerlanding.com

NO CONTRACTORS OR PROJECT MANAGERS...This is a posting to hire on as a DIRECT HIRE, salaried employee and be accessible 24/7 as needed. Background checks and due diligence will be done on all applicants.  Need someone who knows big data and data warehousing along with development from backend to the frontend with existing react front end set up that is is versatile in cloud environment and wants to become a full time employee (with bonus) asap for startup in US power markets and finish the development of the full product and continue to operate and maintain system. currently AWS, mongo and react but am open to any changes or possibly go with what is in place, whatever new hire may suggest

The person that ultimately gets hired will be getting 125k annual salary.. 25k bonus for complete to market product and a 50k bonus when customer sign ups commences, along with an ongoing percentage of net profits going forward assuming the company is successful. The success of the company is going to be hugely hinged on whoever the person that gets hired is. That's why we need someone who has the desire to succeed and technical know how to do so, as well as can handle the daily pressures that come from any angle with problems/fixes/changes/customers and still press forward to meet the goals and demands ...

in regards to the 24/7, the power markets don't sleep, so if there are issues and our product is not working correctly the paying customers using the product don't have much patience for downtime and issues need to be resolved immediately no matter when they happen. This position will be excepted to do whatever it takes to get the product finished/refined/optimized to get to market while dealing with the errors/bugs and problems. whatever is needed. That's why a bonus is involved as everyone needs to have the company's best interest to successfully get the product to market. The product is up and running but needs to be finished/optimized/changed if needed to get to market. the job will then continue on a continuing development and maintenance basis and basically be in charge as the company grows in the future after getting to market. need someone that is interested in the job/position and the company long term with the idea of pushing for the best product and success for the company, in-turn the success for everyone involved... Thanks

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/powerlanding-full-stack-developer-big-data-power-power-markets-dedicated-employee




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