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Senior Ios developer


Your job as a developer at Fastspot will be to work with a team of strategists, designers, and developers to tackle difficult challenges and make the solutions seem obvious and effortless. We are a team full of interdisciplinary creators. No one at Fastspot has just one responsibility. We all have our specialties, but our true strength comes from involving the whole team in all phases of our work. By combining our talents, our clients get the best of everything we have to offer.

You will be responsible for: Working with designers to convert designs into functional sites; producing well-organized code; reviewing your team members' code for standards and quality assurance; and making decisions based on best practices and user experience.

The ideal candidate will have talent and creativity, a discerning eye, a strategic mind, a good attitude, and a passion for what we do. We are looking for someone who can speak intelligently about their ideas and decisions and who excels at making those ideas into real, usable, and innovative solutions.

We prefer that you’re local to Baltimore (or could be in the future), but please contact us regardless. We won’t turn down the perfect fit if proximity is the only obstacle. Fastspot will consider candidates seeking remote employment who demonstrate a capacity to excel from a remote location. Candidates who wish to be considered for a full-time distributed position should be prepared to explain how they’ve been effective as a remote employee in the past and give examples of the tools or techniques they have used to stay connected with the on-site culture of their previous employer(s). Unfortunately, we are unable to consider applications from international applicants.