Senior Javascript Developer

 Hashtag Labs
 a year ago

Job Description

Hashtag Labs is seeking an experienced Javascript developer to improve and extend the capabilities of our publisher advertising management system. You will mostly be working on our client-side javascript library, which delivers ads to websites, and also the admin panel that manages that system. Because we work with many different publishers, the job has plenty of variety and you won’t be grinding on the same thing all the time. This position is 100% remote and you’ll interact with other team members primarily through Gmail, Slack and Github.


  • Very strong plain Javascript
  • Good knowledge of VueJS + Vuex (or comparable)
  • Good knowledge of Node / Express


  • Attend daily standups (9:30 AM EST, via Google Hangouts)
  • Participate in code reviews, sprint planning and product direction
  • Deliver high quality code in a reasonable timeframe

Who Should Apply

If you’re a Javascript developer who is interested in advertising technology, Hashtag Labs wants to speak with you! Developers who excel in this role will have strong natural curiosity about website monetization, tenacious debugging skills, and enjoy looking at the “network tab” in Chrome. You’ll receive strong support from our team, but should be self-motivated and prepared to master the advertising APIs and SDKs that we use on a daily basis. You should also like working with numbers, because we have a lot of data.

NOT REQUIRED, but experience in any of the following areas would be cool:

  • Advertising (DFP, now Google Ad Manager, Prebid, etc)
  • Video, especially HTML5 video players (JWPlayer, Brightcove and similar)
  • iOS / Android development
  • Website performance optimization (pagespeed, repaints, memory usage, etc)
  • Babel transformations, javascript compilation/minification, etc

Who We Are

Hashtag Labs sits at the center of a complex ecosystem known as ad tech. If you love the free and open internet, and you’re interested in helping publishers make money, then this position is for you (if you really hate ads, then it probably isn’t). We are a profitable company that is six years old, and an entrepreneurial organization that focuses on making digital advertising simple and profitable for our publisher clients.

How to Apply

If interested, please send the following to and we’ll be in touch shortly:

  • Resume
  • Brief cover letter highlighting your relevant experience
  • Examples of your work. For team projects, please describe your specific contributions

We are considering both contract (1099) or full-time (W2) candidates for this position.

Thanks for reading!

Sorry, no recruiters or agencies please

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