Software Engineer (L5)

 18 days ago

Location: Los Gatos, CA, or US Remote only

The Dev Spaces team’s mission is to support developer productivity by providing Netflix engineers with on-demand, batteries-included development environments. Through the tight integration of IDEs, dev tooling, cloud workspaces, and Netflix’s internal Platform, our development environments will provide a development experience that guides engineers through the Netflix development lifecycle, minimizes friction, and reduces context switching.

About the role

This role will focus on the deep integration of IntelliJ and VSCode with internal Netflix platforms and our local and remote development environment products. Candidates for this role would be asked to drive the end-to-end integration story for one of IntelliJ or VSCode, working with a to-be-hired peer that would drive the remaining IDE. With our team having been recently formed, this will be greenfield development that you’ll drive from the beginning.


  • Integrating IDEs with our fledgling internal remote workspace product, offering a development experience that feels intuitive, familiar, and responsive.
  • Determining how to pre-install and pre-configure IDEs for a variety of different engineer personas. For example: a Backend Engineer using Java may need a different set of default IDE plugins and configs than a Frontend Engineer using Typescript.
  • Building tooling and defining processes that make it easier for other teams to write, build, test, and distribute IDE plugins.
  • Producing reusable libraries for IDE plugin authors that provide core capabilities such as Netflix Platform authn/authz, telemetry, and integrations with common Platform components.
  • Collaborating with Platform teams to find ways to pull context and guidance into the IDE. For example, automatically providing links to API documentation from sources, advising on patterns and best practices, offering in-IDE flows for federated search or Q&A.
  • Establish our engagement model with users and Platform partners.


  • You have a product-centric mindset that you use to understand business needs. You have the technical and interpersonal skills to collaboratively design the scalable systems and engineering solutions that meet those needs.
  • You employ strong senses of empathy and curiosity to build the best possible experiences for the users of your products.
  • You are comfortable operating in an environment that is loosely coupled but tightly aligned towards a shared vision.
  • You have the communication skills required to collaborate with and influence teams and individuals in order to drive initiatives forward without a strict top-down mandate.
  • You have prior experience in a role focused within the developer productivity (IDEs, dev tooling, dev environments) space.
  • You have prior experience writing plugins for Jetbrains IDEs (ex: IntelliJ) or extensions for VSCode.
  • You have professional-level proficiency with one or more JVM languages (ex: Java, Kotlin) or Javascript/Typescript.
  • You have prior experience with integrating IDEs and developer tooling with backend systems or infrastructure.

Our culture is unique, and we tend to live by our values, allowing you to do your best work and grow. To learn more about Productivity Engineering, feel free to listen to this podcast

We are an equal-opportunity employer and celebrate diversity, recognizing that diversity of thought and background builds stronger teams. We approach diversity and inclusion seriously and thoughtfully. We do not discriminate based on race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.

At Netflix, we carefully consider a wide range of compensation factors to determine your personal top of market. We rely on market indicators to determine compensation and consider your specific job family, background, skills, and experience to get it right. These considerations can cause your compensation to vary and will also be dependent on your location. 

The overall market range for roles in this area of Netflix is typically $90,000 - $900,000

This market range is based on total compensation (vs. only base salary), which is in line with our compensation philosophy. Netflix is a unique culture and environment. Learn more here.




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