Back End Developer

 zero44 GmbH
 Berlin, Germany
 9 months ago

Headquarters: Berlin, Germany


Zero44 is a B2B SaaS start-up that is building digital tools for the shipping industry to reduce their carbon footprint and help the industry get to carbon zero by 2050. 
After a successful first year, huge interest from across the industry, and new investment, we are looking to expand our team and range of product features. 

If you share our passion for saving the planet and helping a fascinating, centuries-old industry to transition to carbon zero by building excellent digital tools, then this could be the perfect opportunity for you.

In this role you'll be at the point where our product people and technical team come together to deliver a quality end result. It will be your responsibility to collaboratively drive the entire product development flow, from design & development to deployments & maintenance.
We are still at a very early stage, so much of the tech stack is rapidly changing. We are looking for someone who considers this an opportunity to make an impact.
Our current tech stack 
·         Ruby, Rails and Sorbet for the backend API
·         Sidekiq for background processing
·         Postgres as the database
·         Terraform to manage infrastructure
·         TypeScript, TailwindCSS and React for frontend

As a backend engineer, you'll be responsible to build product features from idea to fully functional. 
●       You've shipped large, web-based applications with many components and data structures
●       You have proven ability to design complex, scalable data structures
●       You are comfortable writing complex queries in relational databases
●       You have experience integrating complex 3rd party APIs
●       You have a keen eye in detecting bottlenecks in existing data structures and strive to improve them
●       You're comfortable making technical decisions in the fast-paced, ever-changing environment of a start-up company

●       You see things through from start to finish
●       You can manage yourself but you also work well with others
●       You understand the importance of keeping things simple and flexible
●       Fluent English and an excellent communicator
●       A good sense of humour and a great team player


●      Build customer solutions with a purpose, help our customers manage the transition to carbon zero - a challenge probably as big for the shipping industry as moving from sailing boats to steam ships in the 20th century
●      Become a key member of our company with the chance to shape and lead its carbon trading offerings 
●      Work directly with the founders of zero44  
●      Be part of a positive, inspiring culture of trust, empowerment and constructive feedback
●      Flexible home office rules and working hours.
●      A ride on one of these beautiful ships, whenever they are somewhere near you
●      Great office in the heart of Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg!


ZERO44 was founded in January 2022. Our mission is to provide the maritime industry with digital solutions to reach carbon zero. We are a Berlin based software company that combines a unique team of software and company builders with a passion for the maritime industry. We are backed by Flagship Founders, a company builder dedicated to digitising the maritime industry. We believe that our planet needs action now. The shipping industry has a long way to go to reach its ambitious climate targets. We want to help by providing our brains, hands, and hearts.

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