Senior Software Developer - web/bots

 Kratzen Partners
 United States
 a year ago

Headquarters: United States

Kratzen Partners is recruiting a full time 100% remote senior software developer to build an internal toolset for scraping public websites that have been specifically hardened against simple scraping methods.­­ The key to the project’s success will be problem solving, clever experimentation, grit, and creativity. 
About Us: Kratzen Partners is a global technology services provider specializing in discovering, collecting, and analyzing internet data and discretely relieving internal information collection operating burdens of the world’s leading data driven corporations and institutions. 
·      Expert level experience in JavaScript, including web programming
·      Experience with website scraping, and/or writing stealthy bots
·      Naturally inquisitive and curious  
·      A knack for problem-solving, combining creativity and logical thinking
       ·      You probably enjoy solving puzzles and brain teasers
·      Fluent in English, especially written English
·      BONUS: experience with playwright framework
Pay: €70-85k per year, based on experience. 
What the job will be like
Your initial role will be to build out the MVP for this new advanced scraping toolset, working with a PM and reporting to our VP of engineering, leveraging existing systems designs and experimentation results. However, you will be writing the production code from a blank slate, and there will still be considerable experimentation and problem solving required as we work through the inevitable unexpected hurdles. 

You’ll be primarily work on your own -- your VP and PM will help set direction and be available to brainstorm and provide suggested avenues of exploration. However, the more you can generate your own ideas, plans, and work independently, the better. Initial onboarding  will include daily check-ins, shifting to a 2/week cadence as you get settled. As long as you attend our calls, meet deadlines, and get your work done, you’re welcome to work your own schedule.
Our Interview Process 
1.     Submit an application (instructions below) 
2.     We’ll interview the strongest 8-12 applicants, hopefully including you 
3.     You will complete a small self-paced practical test: reverse engineer a simple, but obfuscated, JavaScript web app. We expect this project to take 2-5 hours. 
4.     You will have a final interview with the product and engineering manager to ensure there is a good fit
5.     We’ll send you an offer!

We know interviews are no fun by their very nature. We dont know how how to fix, but please, have lunch on us! We’ll send €20 to anyone that even submits a take home test. 
Application Submission
If this sounds like the right job for you, please send your first and last name, resume, and 2 or 3 sentences for each of following questions to
1.     What’s your experience scraping internet data?
2.     What are hard-to-spoof ways to fingerprint what browser someone is actually using?
3.     Without using the ip address, how might you detect a web client is using a vpn?
4.     Are there more avenues of detection available if the client is using an https proxy?
Please remember, THERE ARE NO WRONG ANSWERS to these question! 

To apply:

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