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Become our new Technical Lead


 Your journey at URBANTZ

As a Technical Lead, you will manage a small team while staying on the technical track at the same time.

You will:

  • Mentor and support your team while guiding the growth of your people.

  • Ensure your team engagement and alignment with the company missions and objectives.

  • Help keep the product team focused and delivering value

  • Contribute to your team work, by fixing bugs, work on small features,...

  • Identify areas of strategic technical debt, analyse it and prioritize the work in order to eliminate/minimize it.

You will work closely with the Product team to manage scope and deliverables for the technical side.

About Our Stack

We migrated from AWS ECS to Azure using Kubernetes for container-orchestration. Our main data store is MongoDB hosted on Mongo Atlas, but we also use Elasticsearch for some corner-case full-text search needs. Our backend and API code runs on Node.js, while the front-end web application is written in AngularJS. The main mobile driver app uses Ionic and Cordova. For our most recent mobile solution to ship goods from stores, we've decided to experiment with React Native.

Our toolset also counts with single-command, build & deploy tasks for both production and staging environments, working along with GitLab CI. We use Protractor for the end-to-end testing and Jest for the back-end unit testing.

About You

You are passionate about product development but also about people. You:

  • Have 8+ years of experience as a Software Engineer, including some with our technical stack

  • Have a good sense of overall architecture and how to design complex software

  • Understand and drive techniques for leading projects and improving productivity

  • Work applying DevOps principles, practices and values

  • Have previous experience in a leadership position, knowing how to manage people with different skills sets and technical areas of focus

What’s in it for you?

A fast growing company with lots of great challenges.

A permanent contract with a great extra-legal package in Belgium, or a nice freelance long term collaboration anywhere in Europe.

Flexible company, nice colleagues to work with, fun company activities (even for our remote people!),...

If you desire to work to have an impact and bring a change: don’t hesitate and apply now!