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Senior or Lead React Developer


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Headquarters: Halifax, NS, CA
URL: https://manifold.co/

Manifold builds innovative, beautiful, functional tools for SaaS vendors to sell their services. See our plan builder preview to get a hint of our future.

We are looking for a senior or lead collaborative front-end developer to help us imagine, ship, and operate high quality products. We're hoping that you can understand a product vision and business, and then use that understanding both to architect for the future and to find the right shortcuts for now. We hope that you care deeply about usability and design, and have worked closely and collaboratively with designers and product managers. We expect you to lead and follow, disagree and commit, innovate and consolidate...and write readable, tested, reliable code.

Our software development team is fun-loving, knowledgeable, and extremely productive. We're organized to let you explore and grow a variety of skills and capabilities, with many chances to create a significant impact. Many of us have strong ties to the open-source world, and have experience building tools at companies like Heroku, Red Hat, and Canonical.

We value diversity and a strong distributed culture that balances alignment, autonomy, and growth. Most of the company works from home, with about half in the Halifax, Canada area, and the rest located across Canada and the US.


  • Collaboratively ship amazing products.
  • Help lead a friendly, supportive culture that encourages you and the entire company to improve as developers, teams, and people.
  • Be a model and mentor for building well-architected, performant, well-tested, and understandable code.
  • Manage technical debt. Help us find the right corners to cut for speed, and the right problems to invest in for maintainability.
  • Be passionate about our mission, and help us imagine Manifold's future. Work closely with design and product in short design-first iteration.
  • Be curious. Learn, practice, share, and improve our knowledge and best practices in technologies, security, software development, design and collaboration.


  • Strong communication skills with a team centric approach to discussion and decision-making. Empathy and respect for others, with strong opinions loosely held.
  • Expertise in JavaScript, React, managing state, and front-end security. Knowledge of TypeScript, GraphQL, web components, Stencil, styled components, animation, time-to-interactive optimization, and design principles is also very valuable.
  • Experience deploying and operating front-end code.
  • Full command of Git, GitHub, the terminal, automated tests, continuous deployment and integration, and other modern fundamentals.
  • Solid grasp of CSS principles and semantic markup.
  • Experience extracting front-end assets from design programs like Sketch or InVision is very nice to have.
  • Experience working in a global, distributed team is very nice to have.
  • Our backend is written in Go; Go experience is nice to have.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/manifold-senior-or-lead-react-developer