Senior React Engineer & Consultant

 G2i Inc.
 2 years ago

Headquarters: Delray Beach, FL 

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Whi G2i?

G2i pioneers the Developer Health movement, actively supporting and improving the mental, physical, and emotional health and well-being of developers We’re a company that believes in maintaining a healthy work-life balance, and we act on those beliefs in several ways:

  • A 4 day (32 hours) work week.
  • Burnout prevention and recovery curricula that help people stay happy, healthy, productive, and sane.
  • A 21st century approach to employee wellness e.g. with neurofeedback,
  • Support for the Developer Health Fund to aid the community with improving their well-being.

Not to mention, we’re literally writing the book on Developer Health with our Restful Work OS.


Moreover, we vet our clients for their working practices. We are supportive of our clients’ journeys to adopt concepts like the 4 day work week, and we do not work with companies that go against our philosophy.

Why the Consulting Team?

Because being on G2i’s Consulting Team means you’re part of the inner circle, with a path to becoming a partner in the company.


The Consulting Team consists of the best of the best developers, who are entrusted with G2i’s reputation. They’re the first ones to join our most promising clients’ teams, where they act as trusted leaders, architects, and G2i ambassadors.


Our Consultants get an outstanding compensation package, with the following highlights:

  • guaranteed 4 day work week while in-between clients
  • 100% remote work from almost anywhere in the world
  • 21 days of PTO, paid US holidays and a week-long Christmas break, or a success bonus
  • relocation support with visa sponsorship
  • stock options
  • 95% of the base healthcare premium covered

How to Qualify for the Consulting Team?

Minimum requirements

  • Located in the Americas or Europe
  • +4 years of professional web development experience
  • +3 years of professional React or React Native experience
  • Fluent in English
  • Outstanding relationship-building and people skills
  • Willingness to work 85% of your hours on clients' projects (unless otherwise agreed)

Bonus points

  • Architect/Team Lead experience
  • Experience interacting with senior managers
  • Full-stack (any) skills
  • Fluency in additional languages, both programming and human
  • Experience giving talks at conferences/meetups
  • Experience mentoring less-experienced developers
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