Senior React and/or React Native Engineer

 G2i Inc.
 2 years ago

Headquarters: Delray Beach, FL


  • 100% remote
    • work from (almost) anywhere
  • 21 days of PTO
  • Paid US holidays off 
    • Good Friday, Memorial Day, Juneteenth, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Friday After Thanksgiving
  • Paid Christmas break
    • December 24 - January 1
  • 32h work week while not working on a client project
    • We strive to convince clients to switch to 32h as well, but this is not guaranteed
  • Hired as a contractor OR a regular full-time employee in your country 
    • Assuming FTE is possible directly or through our partners; most popular countries are supported
  • Relocation support
    • Assuming visa sponsorship for desired destination is possible through our partners; most popular countries are supported
  • Stock options 
    • Vesting over 4 years
  • Referral scheme as well as account growth rewards
    • Currently fixed payout, %-based payouts coming soon
  • 95% of base healthcare premium covered 
    • If applicable e.g. not already included in the FTE benefits 
  • Equipment budget
    • Covers basic work equipment if required

About the Role

We're looking for experienced developers who are looking for a place they can put down their roots in and become true partners. Our Core Team is our vanguard with new clients and the rock on which our relationships with existing clients are built. Normally, our Core Team members tend to naturally gravitate towards one of three archetypes.

You join our most promising clients' projects. Being a true master of your craft, you survey the terrain, get to know the client and the project, become the best developer they ever had, and end up impressing the client so much they decide to hire more G2i developers. At this point, you help us define the requirements so we can find the perfect matches. If you get your referrals hired to this (or another) role, you can also earn referral bonuses to boost your salary even further, and if you do an exceptional job helping us grow the account, there are additional rewards for that.

When a client comes to us and we see that everything is on fire and they don't know what to do, you're the one to volunteer to jump in there. You enjoy a faster-paced work environment and love a good challenge. You get in there, put out the fires, make sure they won't reignite, and finally you either pass the project to a builder or you switch into one yourself.

You're great at programming, but you're equally exceptional at networking. You attend and speak at conferences, meetups, and conventions. You know hundreds of excellent developers, and you know they're great because you're a great judge of both personality and technical prowess. You're happy to work on projects and impress clients, but you're equally happy nurturing other developers' growth and being an ambassador of the company.

These are, of course, just generalizations and not fixed roles you'd have to choose between. Most people flow between all three (and more), depending on their desires and the company's needs.

In summary, your role is to become a great ambassador for G2i, both through your outstanding work as well as through building relationships. In return, you will become a part of the inner-most circle of the company and directly benefit from the company growth yourself.


  • >= 4 years of professional web development experience
  • >= 3 years of professional React/React Native experience
  • Fluent in English
  • Outstanding relationship-building and people skills
  • Willingness to work >= 85% of your hours on clients' projects (unless otherwise agreed)
  • Located in the Americas or Europe
Bonus points
  • Architect/Team Lead experience
  • Full-stack (any) skills
  • Fluency in additional languages, both programming and human
  • Experience giving talks at conferences/meetups
  • Experience mentoring less-experienced developers
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