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Senior Node.js Developer

Timedoctor.com LLC

This is a full-time 100% remote role. You'll have meetings with the development team during European hours, so it will be easier for you to work together with the team if you're in Europe or Asia. There is some flexibility for your hours but you'll need at least 4 hours per day to work with the rest of the team, who are in Europe and Asia. 

You must have : 

  • Significant experience with Node.js and MongoDB sharding

  • 5+ years of back-end experience. 

  • Experience in dealing with a Node.js application at scale

  • Experience with test-driven development

It will be a bonus if you know:

  • AWS S3, AWS SQS, AWS Redshift 

  • Google BigQuery

  • Firebase

  • Redis

  • Heroku

  • AWS Lambda

This is a 100%-remote work/node.js/node.js  back-end developer/ telecommute / work-from-home /virtual position.

How to apply: 

Please go to this link - http://time-doctor.breezy.hr/p/5b31027aa150-senior-node-js-developer-100-remote and complete the application form.