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Business Development Manager


Doctor House says that "Everybody lies." But you know that's not quite true. The one thing that everyone needs to do? Selling. Everybody sells. Even if you don't have a product, you are selling something. When you interview for a new job, you sell yourself. When you are trying to convince your mom to stop smoking, you are selling a lifestyle change.

Selling, to us, means making people aware of solutions to problems they didn't know they had - showing them a path that will help them improve their business tenfold. Our ideal customer is one who tells us: "I wish I had known about you when I started my business!"

If you've been nodding all along, then good - you know that sales drive the world. Hopefully, you have taken this realization and used it to build a reputation as a sales virtuoso. We're not looking for a slick scammer who can sell ice cubes to Eskimos, no.

We are looking for someone who delights in showcasing new solutions to people. Someone who tries to best his personal monthly lead generation score like and old arcade nerd tries to break the Donkey Kong world record. The name of the game is lead generation - and for you, it's the only game in town!

So you love selling, you love helping people find solutions to grow their businesses. But the lifestyle part of the equation is tough! Flying or driving around, attending events in ill-conceived outfits thought up by silly marketing teams… You are ready for another experience.

Welcome to remote sales! This opportunity is for someone who wants to spend most of their time selling digitally - extensively researching the web for people who you feel we may be able to help, and then doing what you do best - reaching out through video calls, through good, old-fashioned phone calls, though LinkedIn & social media networking, and of course, through personal, expertly-crafted, 100% human-powered email conversations.

You will use your expertise in the industry to prepare detailed business plans which cover your prospect's relevant goals and objectives, and then employing your gift of gab to seal the deal! (Ever heard of the briefcase technique?! You score extra points!) Yup, that's right, let's repeat it one more time, with feeling: we are looking for someone who generates leads.

With our company, you will be at the forefront of the recruitment industry. You will be part of a team that is sick of the algorithmization and automation of the industry and wants to put the Human back into HR. What we sell is boutique recruitment services - we are expensive, we work harder than anyone else, and we deliver stellar people, tailor-fit for the clients' culture and way of working. Naturally, we expect you to join us in spending time performing research into the market, customer trends, and competition in our industry.

We don't take on a lot of clients. We are as picky about who we sell to as we think businesses should be about who they recruit with. We would rather have 100 golden clients who we serve lavishly - and who value us lavishly in return - than 10000 clients who treat us as a commodity. We want YOU to be the tip of the spear when it comes to finding and winning over these folks.

Interested? The details are below.

We Are Looking For Someone Who Has:
  • 5+ years in tech, recruitment or SaaS sales
  • Understanding (at a basic level) of IT technologies (the ability to talk shop ).
  • A deep compulsion to keep the CRM tidy and up to date
  • Fluent in written and spoken English. Your kick-ass email writing skills must impress us from day one. Your phone game must be good enough to make us drop a call from our mothers.
  • Natural 20's in persuasion and negotiation rolls: you take pride in being an expert communicator with a solid ability to learn about the client's problems, tailoring their written and spoken discourse to the prospect's background and culture.
  • Advanced Experience with Linkedin Sales Navigator and Boolean Strings
  • The ability to work independently and build a sales process from scratch
  • Ability to filter clients for quality - we are picky in who we work with and you should be too
  • Capacity to maintain a steady follow-up cadence through several different channels (social, email, phone, etc)
  • Actively bringing in new business based on given criteria
  • Ability to independently research & qualify potential clients in LinkedIn & Google Search
  • A reputation as a cold-calling superstar
  • (Bonus Points:) A solid network within the small-medium sized tech business community.

What's In It For You:
  • An end to life on the road. We want you to work from home - liver where you please, enjoy family and friends. We will ask you once in a blue moon to attend an event, and we will make sure it's comfortable and fun.
  • Work with a team that delivers actual quality products. Never feel sleazy, ever again. Sell with the confidence that you are making life great for your clients.
  • Competitive compensation and performance bonuses.
  • Generous holiday time off & career progression opportunities.

Are you ready to sell us on how you are the perfect candidate for this spot? Apply now!

Job Requirements:
  • Generate new sales by cold calling
  • Generating sales from new business prospects
  • Prospect clients and develop new sales opportunities
  • Driving revenue growth through both new sales and business development activities
  • Converting new business key clients
  • Identifying new opportunities for business through market research
  • Identify new opportunities to develop business
  • Follow up on new business opportunities
  • Execute the sales development plan and meet sales targets
  • Develop a pipeline of potential new business opportunities
  • Grow new opportunities and prospect to generate new business
  • Establish new business with existing customers and new customers
  • Generating new business and developing own pipeline of new accounts
  • Build new relationships with existing and potential clients
  • Develop new sales leads for territory
  • Identifying and managing new business opportunities
  • Attending sales meetings with potential clients
  • Follow up new business opportunities and set up meetings
  • Targeting new accounts, following up leads and generating new business
  • Build relationships with new clients