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Front End Developer - HTML/CSS/JS Weaver of Interface Magic

Binary Evolution

Hey! Yes you, the amazing developer that is looking for a great place to work.

Do you want to work in a well organized, fast paced (but low pressure) environment where your expertise is valued and leveraged? Do you love a realistic challenge with great clients where your efforts are appreciated and make a real difference? We want you to push yourself, and others, to operate efficiently and effectively to develop industry leading applications for the web and mobile markets.

What do you mean by “Organized"?

No TPS reports here! We have a well defined, internal project management and development cycle that we use to deliver on time and on spec. You get to focus on what you love to do and we remove a lot of the frustrations that would distract you from being the web ninja you know you are. We also believe in building tools to make the work day easier. As a member of our production team you get to identify areas where our R&D team can build better systems to make what you do every day easier. That leaves you time to take things to the next level, rather than rewriting that same code for the 15th time. You will work with the best tools, clear specifications, and room to do what you do best.

Okay, but how would this work? I like where I live.

Great! We hope you do. If you don’t you can go where you want to go. We believe where you choose to live is a personal choice, not one we should make for you. We are passionate about our team members enjoying life and taking time for what they love to do. Our philosophy is that a happy team member is a productive one. To that end we offer all kinds of extras.

  • Beach accessible, no suits and ties - If you love the mountains, the beach, or the city, you can work where you feel most comfortable. We believe that remote is productive and are happy to have self motivated people that can give their best where ever they feel the most comfortable.

  • Health, Vision, Dental, and Life Insurance - Competitive rates and we cover most of your cost

  • 401K - Competitive retirement plans with self managed or advisor managed options

  • Flexible Time - Delivering work on time is critical. Beyond that, we realize not everyone works best 9-5. Some people like the quiet of the early morning, others are night owls. A few like to work on the weekends and golf on Monday. If you can get work done we can find ways to flex hours (within reason) so that you can work when you work best, and play when you play best.

  • Competitive Salary & Work-Life Balance - We reward you for your experience and effort without crazy work days. unrealistic expectation, or burnout.

  • Equipment and Tools -  We provide cutting edge machines and best-in-class software. If you prefer to own your own machine, we provide financial sharing as well.

Skills & requirements

Okay - I’m intrigued; what would my job role be?

You would work daily with CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and Smarty templates (with a little PHP). We are looking for a fast learner with an aptitude for problem solving, writing clean code, and a strong desire to deliver an excellent user experience. You would also work closely with the project manager, UI/UX, and QA teams to ensure overall production quality and timeliness. If elegant templates, clean division in code and styling, and flexible usability make you smile, you may be exactly who we are looking for.

What other skills could I bring to the table in this role?

  • Knowledge of PHP, MySQL and other similar web and mobile technologies

  • Self motivated. We don’t micro manage, but that means you need to be able to take direction and get things done without needing that manager standing over you waiting for TPS reports. We don’t want to be that guy.

  • Experience with source control (GIT) and agile methodologies

  • Excellent communication skills for interacting with co-workers and clients

  • A good sense of humor and the ability to handle the occasional bad pun or 80’s movie references. It may be last on the list but may be the most important. We can teach you the finer points of a technology, but we need someone who can work well on a team, enjoy making cool stuff, can get things done, and generally is fun to work with. 

About Binary Evolution

Getting my resume together, but who are you guys?

Binary Evolution was founded in 2000 (as MediaMacros, Inc.) We started out doing mostly multimedia and game development, but technology has evolved and so have we. In 2018 we officially changed our name to better reflect who we are.Nowadays we specialize more in complex web development, app development, and solving complex business problems with top end technology. We have worked with small business all the way up to fortune 100 companies in sectors such as healthcare, education, energy, and more. For us it is all about solving problems and making the world a little better with solutions we provide. We keep our team small so everyone has input into the process and no one gets lost in the shuffle. 

Sign me up!

So, if you think you are a good fit and have what it takes, wow us. Show us what you have. Let us know why we can’t make it another day without you. We’d love to see your resumé and a shining example of your coding abilities (with source code of course)!

Please note that due to restrictions from some of our client work, this position is US based only at this time.